ZMTV multicultural targeted television

Since 1994 the Company has concentrated on ad sales for satellite and cable television services. ZMTV Ltd is our subsidiary company selling airtime for our growing portfolio of multicultural channels. The group now represents some 25 national and international TV channels and has also expanded into provision of ancillary services and audience research in addition to ad sales. Zierler Media and ZMTV are now Britain’s biggest sellers of airtime on multicultural TV channels.


Zierler Media Group Senior Management

The group offers top level contact with our client channels through its senior management for liaison on all strategic matters. Our Chief Executive is available to discuss sales activity, and our Group Operations Manager is responsible for day-to-day arrangements and smooth running of bookings, revenue collection, scheduling and any other special services required by advertisers or client channels.


Chief Executive: Gerry Zierler FRGS FZS
Gerry Zierler started Zierler Media in 1992 after a career spanning media sales, television post-production, radio station operation and sales, and advertising agency media buying.

His media involvement began on the offshore UK radio stations of the 1960s, leading to a role later in the start of independent local radio, where he ran the largest of the original radio rep houses, AIR Services. He later set up two independent local radio stations.

Gerry’s involvement in television began in post-production as managing director of TSI Video, later running Limehouse Studios. His career has included selling ad space for national newspapers and planning and buying TV airtime and other media for major London ad agencies.

Gerry Zierler has sat on the broadcasting authorities’ committees controlling ad content and standards, and is able to offer both advertisers & broadcasters free advice on complying with the various regulations. He will ensure that any particular standards required by client channels will be met.

Gerry Zierler is majority shareholder in Zierler Media Ltd and ZMTV Ltd, and plays an active role in the sales operation.

Group Operations Manager: Daniel O’Sullivan DipAD FSIAD
Danny joined Zierler Media in 1998 as a qualified advertising and marketing professional with experience across a broad range of industries. He provides the interface between advertisers’ and client channels’ requirements by co-ordinating the sales team’s successes into correct and appropriate transmission instructions, as well as controlling the logistical aspects of copy clearance, airtime bookings, scheduling, commercial copy delivery, airtime billing and revenue collection.

Marketing Manager: Natalie Forbes BA
With a degree in advertising & marketing, Natalie is responsible for promotional activity, market and audience research analysis. She is also responsible for day to day management of transmission instructions between channels ad agencies and provision of transmission times for advertisers.

European Representation: TargetXtra GmbH
ZMTV’s and Zierler Media’s client channels are represented across mainland Europe by TargetXtra GmbH, based in Switzerland. The Zierler Media Group is unique in offering a pan-European sales service to its channels, including airtime sales on clients’ overseas channels in China.



ZMTV Ltd, 4th Floor, 4 John Prince’s Street, London W1G 0JL